Thursday, January 28, 2010

Coming Soon

The first wedding of 2010 is coming very very soon! So excited about Rudy & Sarah's photos. Nick and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire day. Definitely one of my favorite weddings so far! It can only get better :)

remember their engagement photos?

Hey Blair (wildflowerwhale) send me an email so we can set up details for your free session!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Poll-Please Vote

Just to find out if this is worth pursuing, would any 'followers' be interested in a free engagement/couple session in New York City the week of...

August 8-August 13


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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Brittney & Josh l Engagement

Brittney & Josh are getting married September 18 of this year and wanted some photos done for the newspaper. We met up for a mini session in downtown Petersburg since that's where their wedding Reception is. Looking forward to shooting their wedding :)

trying to remember to do my serious standard poses in with my other scatterbrained pose ideas...

tunes for tuesday:

Monday, January 25, 2010

Madison Rene l 3 months

Madison Rene
Born: 10/11/2009 at 8:02 pm.
She is the beautiful baby girl of my dear friends, Nick and Alicia Burke. Alicia and I took some photos of her last year for her amazing CD that will be released soon. She has the voice of an angel....actually, they both do. I just didn't take any photos nick :)

ps. there are no edits to those eyes. natural!

anyway. I'm going on a rabbit trail. back to madison. Isn't she beautiful?

I was really diggin' the black and whites this go round

miss cranky pants :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Manhattan l Personal

until new york city as a wife. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyay!

also, 19 posts until another FREE giveaway. it's a good one this time.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tulips on Tuesday l Personal

Kara is a wonderful sister and bought me some tulips.

Kourt got some too. lucky us!

I should have waited to take this photo...they aren't droopy anymore. and in case you were wondering...she actually got them for me on Tuesday...I am not day of the week retarded :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wedding Finds l Planning

Nick and I went antiquing and found some great items for the wedding. Things are moving along slowly but surely. I'm pretty excited about this first thing...

A vintage 1924 Remington Portable typewriter

look closely and you can see the date it was sold.

and of course, a book on ball-room dancing. I don't think I'm quite skilled enough to learn how to dance out of a book....but it will look good at the reception.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This week the trend

I've noticed a growing trend in the latest movies. Most of the 'good ones' have been produced based on a book. Two, I've seen, the others have yet to be released, but all four books have been read and influenced (and will influence) the purchase of movie tickets :) There's something so magical about seeing the story you've only seen in your mind being put on the big screen.

A gruesome story, but gives wonderful insight (however not completely accurate) to the pain a family goes through after death.

Without ruining the movie, sappy military romance with somewhat forgettable characters..

ahh yes. nothing like the sweet smell of science fiction. however it will wet your chick flick whistle.

and last but not least, I have nothing negative to say about this sweetly written childrens story. come march 5.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Poker Face

I think she is so unbelievably adorable.

Feeling Crafty l February 14

Pretty sure the last time I stared at my calendar, I was thinking to myself, 'wow, thanksgiving is coming up soon'....Is it just me or is the time just flying by? Not that I'm complaining, our wedding is now in 201 days. Tomorrow we're almost out of the 200's. That makes me happy. :)

I'm not really one of those girls who thinks guys should splurge on diamonds, flowers and chocolate for Valentines Day. (not that I would turn away nick handing me a bouquet of yellow tulips-what am I, stupid?) I think that we should show the same amount of compassion and kindness to each other on a day to day basis. Flowers on a random thursday are always delightful. I'm also not one of those girls who curses the day and repels the color red all day. I just think that February 14th should be a simple reminder to everyone you love, how much you appreciate them being in your life. It should be shown whatever way you know how.

Found these ideas while flipping through the Martha Stewart magazine over the weekend. It isn't too early to jot down ideas.

Mini Berry Pies (recipe)

Pear Raspberry Heart Pie (recipe)

p.s. this kind of has to do with valentines day....since I love nick and we are getting married. We had originally planned to go to Ireland for our honeymoon. We had planned to fly out 8-8 and land in Dublin late that evening. With the cost of flights, cost of living and (to put it lightly) overall uneasy state of our country, we thought it best to stay here.

We will be taking a train to New York City and deciding our daily itinerary on a whim. Broadway musical? let's go! Sleep until 11am? why not? Skydive off the Empire State Building? thank you. Anyway-we are both free spirited and will have a wonderful time wherever God allows us to venture to. In honor of New York City, a tune for good measure.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Natalie l Senior

these are a few of her favorite things
the trespassing one isn't entirely was strictly circumstantial.

not to mention good looks must run in the family. Natalie lives in Lynchburg and also happens to be graduating high school this year. After taking her big sister sara's press kit photos, Natalie contacted me to do her senior photos. I knew that she would be up for anything and that we'd have a blast. Sara came along and helped natalie loosen up.....and laugh a lot. I'm all for laughing photos.

No one was harmed, arrested or frozen to death during the making of these photos.

we found this entire wall of was phenominal

I think she pretty much nails the fierce serious photos. I look like an idiot when I try to give that look.

the new Vampire Weekend album was released Tuesday....It's chaotically wonderful.

PS-check out new starline drive music, too!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winterfest 2009-2010

As I've mentioned before, Nick works for Liberty University's tech production. They set up stage, sound and lighting before any kind of event that requires sound. It's pretty awesome. He got to work Winterfest this year and worked with Switchfoot, Mercy Me, Skillet, Barlow Girl and some other cool bands. One of which (Decyfer Down) asked him to work sound for them on tour. That was so exciting to me since I love production, traveling and music. I can thank LIFT for that one.

I got there just in time for the ending of Mercy Me and Skillet rang in the new year. I'm thankful that I was able to catch these photos backstage.

Mercy Me

hanging out with Owen while he worked the cameras

Xavier, the owl.

nick working between sets

Skillet was fully equipped with pyrotechnics (fire) and had them go off randomly throughout their performance.

here's one before the fire...

and after.

close up of the fire

this is my favorite image of the night

the violinist

this photo was taken at 1/1/10 at 12:00 am

she is awesome.

and that's allllll she wrote, folks. Happy 2010, 13 days late.

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