Friday, October 2, 2009

(free) From Far Away


nothing like snail mail to brighten your day. add on it being from someone you love from far away, even better.




now onto more important money business. free money business, that is. this marks my 100th that means another giveaway.

to add your name to the drawing of the unnamed prize (i promise it's good), simply leave a comment stating your favorite piece of mail ever received. winner will be announced one week from today exactly. make it a good one!


  1. My favorite piece of mail that I ever received consisted of a series of letters that I received from my boyfriend at the time, and now fiance, Micah. The spring semester of my sophomore year of college, he left for Tokyo, Japan for four months. It was towards the beginning of our relationship, so we were both really sad to have to part, not knowing when or how much we could talk to one another. The day before he left he gave me a stack of letters-letters that he had written to me, one for the week he left, one for the first month, second month, third month, fourth month, and finally the last week he would be gone. It was so meaningful and special to me because there were times when we couldn't talk for awhile yet I could always open up one of his letters he had written to me and knew that everything was ok and that he had thought about me while writing these letters. It was kind of like PS I love you because at the end of each letter he wrote: PS I love you Amy at the end of each letter. The funny thing is that he never had seen that movie or thought of it when he wrote the letters!

  2. Favorite piece of mail:
    Dustin sent me a hand-written letter while we were dating and told me I couldn't open it until he gave me permission.

    I held onto it for 2 months before opening it in Rome... when he proposed! :)

    Hope I win!

  3. Mmmm, this is a good question. Probably my favorite piece of mail was when I had a penpal who lived in London back in the day - I LOVED getting mail from her.

  4. My favorite piece of mail was sent to me years and years ago from a friend whom I've mostly lost contact with. BUT the envelope that her letter came in was covered with like 17 2-cent stamps. I still have it. I also have a stack of 9 letters bound together with rubber bands that I received from Ray while he was at basic training. I cried buckets over those letters.

  5. Probably some of my favorite mail that I ever received was from a Marine named Mike who was deployed in Iraq at the time. I joined a program at school where I was given a name of a Marine to write to and I loved it!
    I never met Mike, but every time I received a letter in the mail it made my day! He would always write in the letters about how when he received my letters, it would always put a smile on his face and make his day.

    It was just such a good feeling knowing that I could make somebody smile all the way over in Iraq, especially someone in his situation.



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