Thursday, August 6, 2009

50 post giveaway

This may not be a big deal to anyone else, but it is to me. This marks my 50th post and I've decided...

To celebrate every 50th post, I will give away something for FREE!

What's up for grabs?
30 minute session and 7x9 Photo Book
What does this include?
30 minutes of photos and a 20 page professional bound photo book
What do I do to win this session & neat book?
simply leave a comment on my blog with one reason you like my photos.
('just because' counts but is highly frowned upon)

I will randomly draw a winner one week from today.
August 13 @ 11:45 a.m
Don't make me look like a loser by not participating, come on, leave a comment!

this has nothing to do with the just looked good.


  1. solid use of natural lighting.

    plus, it's good to see a childhood friend doing what they love for a living. cheers.

  2. I love that everything you shoot looks natuarl. In it's own element.

    The people don't look cheezy and the environment is sets the scene unlike any other photographer around these parts.

    The fruits that you shot awhile back look so yummy I could eat the scene!

    You capture the souls of things rather then just the appearence.

    What can I say other then I love it!

    You're doing great work Kristin! :)

  3. I like FREE! And if the offer included a Culver's Butter Burger it would be purely PHANTASTIC!

  4. Why I love your photos: The pictures you take are simply amazing. You have a natural eye. You have the artist approach along with a simplist approach all mixed into one. The pictures you take are magazine/book quality. They're the photoshoots you alway want to take but never know the person who can capture the right feel (of course i do know that person).

    Mrs. Blair Ward ( i dont get to say that too often so i went for it! :))

  5. We're BB4E, remember? ;) How amazing is it that such a good friend is so good at what she does? I always get excited when you post another album -- and I'm especially excited to see the rest of Wendy and Todd's -- and I'm especially excited to someday get engaged so you can take those pictures too! :) You're doing great, friend! <3

  6. fresh. fun. feminine. FANTASTIC!

    xo Julie

  7. This is cute and I'll join in :)

    I love photos: because life sometimes go buy too fast, pictures are like a time machine freezing time and taking us back!


  8. I love how when I look at your photos that I know that they were shot by you. You have your own style and it I can see it more and more in each photo. :) Hope I win! :)

  9. because you are beautiful and it comes out in your photos!

  10. Creative colors and angles. Just LOVE LOVE LOVE the creativity. Good eye, my friend :)

  11. You can take a photo of anything from balloons to peaches and make it look amazng!


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